endrick brothers
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  About the band

  Biography       Endrick Brothers are:  
Hailing from the back roads and deep waters of Stirlingshire, Scotland, Endrick Brothers have never been one to follow trends or bow to musical fads. Demonstrating a rootsy sensibility so indicative of their origins, this Glasgow-based outfit deliver a sound that is at once effortless yet urgent.

Drawing comparisons to everyone from R.E.M to the Jayhawks, the band understands that brilliantly consistent and dynamic songwriting is the key to longevity. Thus they present a constantly evolving and prolific array of worthy songs able to captivate any unsuspecting listener.

Combining honest and charming wordplay with sun drenched melodies and cunning chord changes, they create music that is organic and arresting, underpinned by the stunning range and strength of a vulnerable yet powerful lead vocalist. A mature and confident sound from a band that is bold yet intimate, strange yet inviting, Endrick Brothers seemingly offer warm refuge away from the rain swept city streets they inhabit.

Their debut album, entitled ‘Built To Last' was released in 2005 by Hypertension records, and their current album, 'Attraction versus Love' in February 2007.

Mojo Magazine
"The pride of Stirlingshire do possibly the winter's best Americana album... a sound which rests comfortably alongside that of Wilco, The Jayhawks, or any of our current alt country heroes. 4 stars ****"

Scotland on Sunday newspaper - Album of the Week
"...this debut album is as impressive as any you might have heard this year... with songwriting this strong, the Endrick Brothers are bigger than any comparisons."

Daily Express newspaper
"this is a superb debut.... An americana gem from a Scottish band destined for greatness."

AmericanaUK website
"If you've been missing records that that jangle and reach back to the birth of this whole Americana thing then this is the record for you... reminds us why we love this music in the first place."

Niall Holmes
Yorick Cormack
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Kenny McGregor
Bass Guitar
Dave Gillies
Matthew Lancaster
Martin Kelly
© 2007 Endrick Brothers